Grand Prix Canada – Frequently asked questions

What is the Grand Prix Canada?

The partypoker Grand Prix series offers players the chance to play for massive prizepools for a relatively small buy-in. This keeps things fun and affordable for our players and gives us a chance to connect with players of all bankrolls.

This August the Grand Prix tour will be stopping in Montreal, Canada with a huge CAD $1,000,000 guaranteed for a CAD $220 buy-in.

When is it?

The Grand Prix Canada runs from August 13th – 21st live at Playground Poker Club, Montreal. Online Day 1s run from July 16th onwards.

What is the guarantee?

The partypoker Grand Prix Canada has a massive CAD $1,000,000 guarantee.

How old do I have to be to play?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to enter the partypoker Grand Prix Canada.

Do I need a passport or visa?

All players entering the country will need the relevant documents. To find out more about Canada’s visa requirements click here.

Players visiting the venue for the first time will require a passport or driver’s license.

How much is entry?

Players can buy in to Day 1 directly for CAD $220 / $170 USD. You can also qualify via Grand Prix Canada satellites ranging from $2.20 - $22.

When can I buy in?

Players can buy in to Day 1s either before they start or during the late registration period.

How do I buy in?

Players can buy in directly using partypoker funds via the partypoker client. To buy in using partypoker funds just head to the lobby and choose ‘Live Events’ in the ‘Categories’ section, then ‘Grand Prix’ under ‘Events’. Payouts for this event are made online into your partypoker account.

Players can also use cash at the venue to make a deposit to their online account, but there is no direct cash buy-in option.

How do I qualify?

Work your way up in our satellites starting from as little as $2.20. For more info click here.

How can I book accommodation?

Players who require accommodation close to the venue can check out our accommodation section here.

Can I buy a package?

At the moment we are not offering packages for this event.

If I cash in the event how will I be paid?

Players will be paid online into their partypoker account.

How can I buy into Grand Prix Canada?

Players must buy in via their partypoker account. Online Day 1 players will just need to register to their desired Online Day 1. Live Day 1 players will need to register to the appropriate Live Event Holding Tank in the software.

partypoker account holders will be able to deposit cash into their accounts to register Live Day 1s at Playground Poker Club. If you don’t have a partypoker account, you can open one here.

Are there online satellites?

Yes, online satellites are running now from $2.20. To find out more click here.

I qualified via satellite. Can I choose which Day 1 I want to play?


Can I buy in more than once to the same Day 1?

Yes, players are allowed a maximum of one re-entry per Day 1.

If I get knocked out of a Day 1 tournament, can I buy in to the next Day 1?

Yes, players who are eliminated can buy in to the next Day 1 tournament.

If I survive Day 1 but want to play another Day 1 am I able to do so?

Yes, players take their highest Day 2 chip stack into Day 2, so if you think you need a bigger stack, you can try again.

How many chips will I receive as my starting stack?

Each player will receive a starting stack of 50,000 chips on Day 1.

Will I receive an instant min cash for making Day 2?

Yes, players who make Day 2 will receive an instant min cash of $400 CAD the following day.

Can I make Day 2 more than once, and if so will I receive two min cashes?

Yes, you can make Day 2 as many times as you wish and you will receive a $400 CAD min cash each time you make Day 2.

Can I play both Day 2s?

Yes, you can both play the Online and Live Day 2. If you make it through both you will take your highest stack through to the Live Day 3 and receive a relevant payout for the other Day 2 stack (based on the payout level at the end of the Day 2 – approximately $2,000 CAD).

Can I re-enter Day 2 if I have more than one Day 2 stack?

You can re-enter the Live Day 2 with another Day 2 stack, but there is no option to re-enter in the Online Day 2.

Are deals permitted?

Final Table deals are permitted, but deals before the final table are not permitted due to the Golden Chip promotion.

Is there a trophy?

Yes, the winner will receive an official partypoker trophy.

Will there be cash games or side events?

Yes, a wide range of side events and cash games will be available. To see which cash games are running now click here.

What is the World Cup of Cards?

The World Cup of Cards consists of several events in August and September taking place at Montreal’s Playground Poker Club with combined prizepools of over $6 million gtd.

To find out about the Canadian Poker Championships click here.

To find out about the Playground 1,000 click here.

I won entry to the Grand Prix Canada but can no longer make it. What can I do?

Players must make sure they can attend the Grand Prix Canada event before playing any satellites or qualifiers. Unfortunately if you cannot attend the event we cannot offer a refund and you will be blinded out.

Can I transfer my entry to somebody else?

No. Players must qualify using their own accounts and any seats won are non-transferrable.

If I win a Golden Chip will I lose it if I play another Day 1 and make Day 2 again?

No. Players cannot lose the Golden Chip once they have won it. If you make it through with a higher stack you will play the higher stack and still be eligible for the $10,000 package should you make the final table.